The Soul Alone with God
My Divine Master, whether I run or rest,
I am all to You, and You are all to me.
O divine Heart of  Jesus, your memory is my delight;
I hunger and thirst for your love.
Lord, teach me your ways and show me your paths.
In order not to go astray, let us take Mary as our guide.
At the foot of the Cross in the livery of Mary. 
O, the sweet retreat! 
Bouasse Lebel 1761
I rest in peace in the heart of Mary.
The Brook lost in the River
My Lord and my God
~St. Thomas [the Apostle]
Eucharistic symbol also possibly alludes to the commentary on Sirach 14:40-42  in the writing of St. Thomas Aquinas

The Eucharist and Solitude
O Christian soul, let be the desert, if you ask to Heaven
to rain on you, the Eucharistic manna
Source of Grace, I come to drink from your divine waters.
Let those who thirst come to Me. John 7:37
Solitude is the nourishment of fervor.

The Bath of the Dove
Taste and see how good is the Lord to those who love him.
Letaille, Paris
Detaching myself from creatures to look for God, I rest in God Himself...
This is the whole interior life. Leaving everything, I found Everything!
Letaille, Paris
The Eucharist is the Life of the World. 
Do not try to fight against the violence of the waves, rather retire to the quiet on the bank of our holy Eucharistic Shrine. Bonamy
Love Search
Lord who sought me when I fled,
will you flee me now that I look for you?

The Lord's loving answer is in the image.
There, recollected and alone, in the Heart of Jesus I lose myself.
I am attached to Him.
Nothing can separate me.
I place a your feet my joys and my sorrows.
Oh that I had the wings of the dove
for I would fly away and be a rest.